Measurement Chart, Dress Measuring Chart

Measurement Chart, Dress Measuring Chart

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This is a detailed dress measurement chart with color coordinated arrows guiding you through the measurement process. Each measurements has a corresponding spot to enter your measurements in inches or centimeters depending on what you use. Clarification on how to measure the areas is also provided.

This is a digital download in PDF format. You will need adobe acrobat on your computer to download this document. Once downloaded, please save this file to your computer and re-use as needed.

KatLabel Customers: You will be provided with a coupon code to download this chart; please use this chart and submit your measurements via email:

Designers: If you are a designer, use this as a guide with your clients.

DIY Brides/Fashion Customers: If you are having a custom dress made, use this chart as a guide and submit your measurements to your seamstress.

God bless you! Message me with any questions.